Shakes Presents:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

About this event

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Urban Impact’s Performing Arts department premiered a film of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This fusion of faith and theatre put a new spin on the Shakespeare classic featuring original music and language put together by students and volunteers in the North Side community. The premiere on October 1st featured young actors and actresses walking the red carpet in celebration of months of hard work.

Urban Impact Shakes is a summer Shakespeare company created in 2010, which combines professional actors with urban youth to produce a professional Shakespeare play in the original text. Shakes is unique in the fact that it lets the audience glimpse not only the lives of the characters on stage, but the lives of the actors as well. Throughout the show, at planned intervals, the actors stop the action of the play and relate it to their own lives, telling their own true stories of love, abandonment, and hope. The students write these “breakouts” themselves, and rehearse them until they are a seamless part of the performance.

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