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Open Doors

$100,000 matching grant

By the time summer arrives, it is very likely many of our students will not have been to school for fifteen months making our 2021 summer programming perhaps our most critical ever.  The effects of this isolation have been devastating and has impacted students academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We need your help to provide opportunities to our students  for holistic development and growth.


Build community

and physical


through sports.


Develop creativity

and self-expression

for improved

communication skills.


Each student

gains measurable

improvement in

core competencies.

Grant Opportunity:

Our $100,000 matching grant will enable you to double the fruits of your giving. Help us invest into the future of the next generation this summer. Your donation will help fight education regression and provide the necessary resources for the youth of Pittsburgh to accelerate and succeed. 

In order for Urban Impact to open doors for hundreds of kids this summer, we need to raise $256,480.

An open door will provide a student meals, Bible lessons, and days in class this summer.

Your donation will open a door of opportunity for a student this summer.

Keep Up with Summer Day Camp:

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus it is with great need that urban impact needs to hold its educational camp for all students. Urban Impact’s staff is dedicated to providing the best quality education possible for the Northside children. The children enjoys attending the program because it meets the needs of the whole child.

Ms. Bynum

2nd Grade Teacher, Pittsburgh King

Urban Impact has provided my daughter with a safe environment that has supported her learning needs and fostered her independence. They provide many activities and support to her to encourage her self-esteem and be the best she can be! It has allowed her to create friends and make memories with people she really cares about. As a frontline worker during the pandemic, Urban Impact has been a great resource and I am very grateful to them and their organization!

Parent of student involved in Literacy Support, Tutoring Center and Learning Labs

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